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Feb 4th & 5th, Orlando Convention Center, All Out Championship: What an amazing weekend! 7 FIRST PLACES, 2 SECOND PLACES, 3 GRAND CHAMPIONSHIPS and a FULLY PAID WORLDS BID!

Red Reign

But wait. Lady Camo was so outstanding on their final performance, that they moved from 3rd to Grand Champs of all level 4! But wait. Miss Silver had the highest combined score of the entire Worlds division!

And then there's Red Reign. So amazing, these awesome athletes were Grand Champions of the entire competition, scoring a 99.2 on Sunday! Entrance into the "99 Club" is really hard to achieve!

Congratulations also to our Kitty Katz, Butterflies, Youth Stars and the Bomb Squad on their 1st Place finishes. Great job by both Princess Elite and Bombshells, who finished in 2nd Place. A big thank you to coaches and staff for all your hard work in getting our teams ready!


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