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The Summit, April 28th - 30th, ESPN Orlando: Another season is in the books, and what a journey it has been. Everyone of our teams improved so much. And, all the hard work payed off.

Most gyms just hope to get teams a bid to The Summit. If that happens, the goal switches to making Finals, defined as the Top Teams in the world of Allstar Cheerleading. If that happens, to finish in the Top Three would be unbelievable. To be crowned Summit Champion is a rarity most athletes will never experience. All one can hope for is just an opportunity to compete for being the best in the world.

It started on Friday, as both Princess Elite and Bombshells performed against all the other Wildcard Bid recipients for a shot on Sunday to compete in the Finals. Both teams emerged with the highest score in their respective divisions, and got their shots at continuing their climb. Our Paid Bid teams, Red Reign, Bomb Squad and Lady Camo competed on Saturday and moved on to finals with very high scores. Odds were good we could get a championship or two if all went well on Sunday.

Sunday came. The pressure was palpable. Our teams had worked all year for the next 2 minutes and 30 seconds of their cheering careers. One by one they took the floor. Bombshells, a Wildcard Bid recipient, was up first. They were amazing! Lady Camo was next, and just lit up the stage!

Awards are always the unknown: did the judges like our routine; were we showy enough; did we do anything illegal; did we receive deductions. When Bombshells realized their dream had come true, and they were crowned Summit Champions, the excitement and tears said it all! From Wildcard to best in the World really happened!

Lady Camo awards were next, and the same scenario was unfolding before our eyes. Camo was the Summit, Back-to-Back Champion! Was this a dream!

Not to be outdone, Bomb Squad performed flawlessly, and was declared the The Summit, Back-to-Back Champions. How could this be happening?

And then there was Red Reign. Undefeated the entire season, these accomplished athletes were chomping at the bit for their moment to shine. And, they didn't disappoint. They were spectacular, scoring in the 99's! They too were crowned Summit Champions!

Princess Elite was our last team to take the mat. They produced their best routine of the year, and received their highest score ever. Although they were awarded 4th Place, it was an outstanding effort that made us all proud. There are a thousand teams that would have traded places with them!

And so the season came to a conclusion. Four Summit Championships and a life full of memories were the cherry on top! It is worth noting that our 5 teams performed 10 routines without ANY DEDUCTIONS! Thanks to our coaches, staff and parents who supported this outstanding year.


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