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Updated: May 4, 2021

April 30th thru May 2nd, ESPN Disney World: Held each year at ESPN Wide World of Sports in Disney World, The Summit Championship has become the premier competition for non-Worlds level teams. Just getting a bid to this invitational only event, requires winning a Varsity competition during the regular season (May '20 thru Apr '21), and obtaining the highest awarded score for the entire divisional level. Translation: you have to be real good to even get there!

We were real good. All 5 of our eligible teams received bids to The Summit: Divas, Bomb Squad, Princess Elite, Senior Heat and Lady Camo. After semi-finals and wild card performances, 4 of our 5 teams scored high enough to move to Sunday's finals. Divas finished 13th and just missed. Thirteenth in the world is quite an accomplishment, and our young Divas represented CE with an awesome performance on Saturday!

Our goal going into The Summit was the same as it has always been since the inception of the event, make finals. A lofty goal? Yes. But, we had done it 21 times previously. After advancing 4 teams to the finals in their respective divisions, we then dream of competing against the best in the world and finishing in the top 5.

Well, CE teams didn't disappoint! 1,008 teams competed at Summit this weekend. We were 5 of them. 368 made it to finals, and we were 4 of them... 4 of our teams were top 3 finishes, and 1 of them won 1st place. All of our teams had two flawless routines with no deductions, as did the vast majority of the teams they competed against.

This is truly the Super Bowl of all star cheerleading. Bomb Squad finished in 3rd Place out of more than 70 teams. Both Princess Elite and Lady Camo finished in 2nd Place, narrowly missing the championship by tenths of a point. Senior Heat blew away the entire division, and were crowned Summit Champions!

Heat captured Cheer Express's 4th Summit win, and brings our total of teams reaching the finals to 26. Congratulations to all our athletes for achieving their goals against the best of the best. All of you are truly champions.

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