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May 7th thru 10th, ESPN Disney World: After Covid cancelled the 2020 Worlds competition, Miss Silver couldn't wait to take the Worlds stage once again.

Things were different. Only family and friends were in the arena, replacing the raucous crowds of thousands who filled the venues rooting for the hundreds of teams good enough to be invited.

As a result of their fully-paid bid earned at Cheersport in Atlanta, Miss Silver first competed on Sunday, in the semifinals. The remaining 25 teams all vied for the 10 placements that would compete in Monday's finals. Miss Silver earned one of those spots, and was ecstatic to make the top 10 in the world once again!

For many of the girls, the Worlds Finals would be their last performance. So excitement is mixed with the sadness of finality. Miss Silver gave one of their best performances of the year, and finished in 6th Place. Quite an accomplishment from our 15 outstanding athletes who had worked so hard preparing for this opportunity.

Congratulations Miss Silver on a job well done! Cheer Express is very grateful for your grit and perseverance this season. You represented us as the champions you truly are.🌹

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