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Jamfest Super Nationals, Indianapolis January 18th & 19th: Getting to Worlds becomes harder and harder each year. New rule changes not only require winning your division, but having the top score among all competing Worlds teams. And, getting a Paid Bid requires that you are the best of the best.

Miss Silver Silver was in second place in their division after Day#1. Their score was still high enough to be in the running for a Worlds Bid. The pressure was on, and Day#2 required a perfectly executed routine for Worlds Bid consideration.

Sunday Miss Silver took the mat with that "In your face" look of determination, and they didn't disappoint! Sassy, confident, showy and technically on point, these girls killed it! Even the judges applauded their performance!

The attached video of Miss Silver's Paid Worlds Bid emphasizes that all the hard work is worth it. Congratulations ladies, you're going to Worlds on a Paid Bid from Jamfest!

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