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Every CE Eligible Team Secures a Summit Bid

Monday, Dec 14th, 2020: The Varsity TV Reveal was being watched on Zoom calls all over the USA to see who had been awarded the most coveted invitation in all star cheerleading Levels 1-5, The Summit Bid.

8:30 PM finally arrived and all eyes were fixated on the live-stream. As always, our competition's announcements were near the end! Spirit Cheer was up, and The All American Nationals Bids were were being revealed one-by-one. The Divas were awarded an At-Large bid! Next was Senior Heat with a Fully-Paid Bid, followed by Bomb Squad with a Fully-Paid Bid. I think the clapping and yelling could be heard in the Keys!

Congratulations to all the Summit invitees!

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