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Updated: Feb 16, 2021

World Congress Center, Atlanta Feb 13th & 14th: Sometimes the planets align and provide an outcome that few gyms ever experience. Hard work, attention to detail, perseverance and luck collide to produce outstanding results. Cheersport is no small deal. Over 1,000 teams compete for the coveted championship jackets and available Summit and Worlds bids. Most have never won at this super national event, where the best teams in the country preform over two days on multiple stages.

Six of our teams traveled to Atlanta. Four of those teams are National Champions! Congratulations to Princess Elite, Senior Heat, Lady Camo and Miss Silver who absolutely crushed it this weekend. These teams were at their best for both performances, and achieved 1st Place honors. Miss Silver was also awarded a Fully-Paid Worlds Bid! We will find out this evening if Lady Camo earned a Fully-Paid Summit Bid.

The Bomb Squad finished in 4th Place, and Divas took 6th Place. Both teams were competitive, and proudly represented CE in their respective divisions. Thank you to all our coaches who lead these CE teams to such amazing results!

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