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Oldsmar, FL.- Dec 7th, 2020: All of the Summit Bids awarded for the most recent competition were revealed Monday night via Varsity TV. It's a pretty popular show!

Battle of the Bay (Tampa) had 3 Summit Wildcard Bids to award. The bids are done by high score and by team level. The best three teams secure their attendance at the most prestigious competition, held at Disney World in May of 2021. It is every athlete's/team's/coach's/owner's/gym's goal to preform in this invitation-only championship.

Guess what? Cheer Express earned all three Bids! Congratulations to Lady Camo, Princess Elite and Senior Heat for absolutely crushing it on Sunday. Their high score was the culmination of hard work, focus and athletic ability. We are so proud of each and every one of you, and of our great coaches and instructors. Such a great start to the season.

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